Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines day... the test batch

DD#1 wants to take treat bags to school {providing they have it with the weather they're predicting} on Valentine's Day. She has a remarkably small 4th grade class - only 16 kids - so in addition to the kisses, I thought we'd put in a nice, big, heart cookie. Saw this recipe on one of my favorite ingredient source's website {King Arthur Flour, of course} and decided to try it. Sneaky mom, putting oats and white wheat flour in a cookie... but they're really good.

Chewy Oatmeal Decorating Cookies
Miss L has had at least 2 this morning {that she asked for... who knows how many she quietly slipped off the plate!}. The colored sugar adds just a big of extra sweetness. Royal icing would be too much.

They're kicking the kids out of school at 12:30 today, and canceling all after school activities... so we'll see what the weather brings. It's a whopping 11 degrees out right now, so the neat-o idea I had for an outside shoot will wait until it's warmer. {ya know, at least 30 or so haha}

Maybe I'll get out the speedlight and try out the new bracket/umbrella combo and see how that goes. Until later!!

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